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Acoustic Alchemy - AArt (2001) [19 Feb 2008|05:48pm]


Acoustic Alchemy - AArt
Higher Octave (2001)[/SIZE]

Presented as the apex of a metamorphoses begun on Beautiful Game toward a more filled out group sound, leader Greg Carmichael accents his trademark nylon string guitar style with a horn section. Considered one of the defining arbiters of smooth jazz, Acoustic Alchemy actually lean more to the pop side of the genre, often betraying more than a passing interest in soul music. The songs on AArt are no exception. The curiously titled "Viva Che" -- for Guavara? -- is straight-up Latin disco lite, á la Jamiroquai, replete with Moog keyboard swirls and Brazilian percussion hiccups. The first single, "Wish You Were Near," showcasing Snake Davis on tenor sax, features Carmichael at his dramatic best, soloing over an up-tempo groove backed by Philly soul-style horn hits. Longtime Alchemy buffs will no doubt find much to enjoy on this disc, and, despite the processed sound of some backing instruments -- full keyboard strings -- the inclusion of many retro-'70s disco era techniques may appeal to a wider dance-oriented audience. ~ Matt Collar, All Music Guide


01. Wish You Were Near
02. AArt Attack
04. Tuff Puzzle
05. Passion Play
06. Senjo Wine
07. Viva Ché
08. Velvet Swing
09. Robbie's Revenge
10. Love at a Distance
11. Code Name Pandora
12. Nathan Road
13. Cactus Blue
14. Wind of Change


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Acoustic Alchemy - American/English (2005) [19 Feb 2008|05:38pm]


Acoustic Alchemy - American/English
EMI (2005)

The British guitar duo celebrates two full decades of smooth jazz perfection with a collection that eliminates some of the production razzmatazz of recent efforts and gets back to the magical interplay of nylon- and steel-string guitars. Greg Carmichael can't be faulted for taking the sound in different directions when he tapped the Stax and soul-influenced Miles Gilderdale to take over for his late partner (and group founder), Nick Webb. And those busier ventures were definitely a blast. Yet it's good to get back to basics, where snappy melodies and unique rhythmic variations are front and center. The journey across the pond promised by the album title begins with the laid-back, easy-grooving "The Crossing," but then becomes more adventurous with the Craig David-flavored U.K. club vibe of "Say Yeah" and a more than subtle nod to the disco fun of "So Kylie" Minogue. The classic Carmichael-Webb days featured a handful of organic, simply arranged reggae-flavored cuts, and this vibe is brought to glorious life on "Trinity." Gilderdale's soul influences creep back on the swinging "The Detroit Shuffle," but again, it's all about the strings and groove. Longtime fans will also appreciate the sweetness of "Cherry Hill," while "She Speaks American English" explores a Steely Dan retro pop-soul energy. And it's heartwarming to see that Carmichael hasn't lost his sense of titular humor on jazzier tunes like "The 14 Carrot Cafe," named for a Seattle eatery. And the wild, rollicking closer, "The Moon and the Sun," ensures that while Acoustic Alchemy has scaled back the intensity somewhat, the duo is still as playful as ever. ~ Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide


01. Crossing
02. Say Yeah
03. So Kylie
04. Trinity
05. Detroit Shuffle
06. Cherry Hill
07. She Speaks American\English
08. Lilac Lane
09. 14 Carrot Café
10. Get Up (Levantar y Bailar)
11. Moon and the Sun


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Talib Kweli - Right About Now (2005) [19 Feb 2008|05:08pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Talib Kweli - Right About Now - The Offical Sucka Free Mix CD
Koch Records (2005)

Editorial Reviews
Critically acclaimed and respected by hardcore hip-hop fans and MC's alike, Brooklyn native Talib Kweli has established industry standards for lyrical prowess and dexterity his entire career. A member of legendary groups Black Star and Reflection Eternal as well as a solo artist, Talib Kweli undoubtedly ranks highly among the most respected MCs in the game.


01. Right About Now
02. Drugs, Basketball & Rap
03. Who Got It
04. Fly That Knot
05. Ms. Hill
06. Flash Gordon
07. Supreme Supreme
08. The Beast
09. Roll Off Me
10. Rock On
11. Where You Gonna Run
12. Two & Two



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First post! [10 May 2006|06:59pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Well, here's the first real post, featuring the awesome The Knife. From their site, " The Knife is Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden and have made music together since 1999, released on their own label Rabid Records.", they're essentially offbeat techno with some good humor.

The Torrent

It's an old torrent, since I'm not in the position to upload something new at the moment, I'll try to seed as much as possible. I'll try to post something new every week, hopefully you like. Leave a coment on what you think.

Now it's your turn, come join and upload something that you like. Invite some friends and enjoy the music.

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[19 Jan 2006|08:13pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Welcome to FLACtrade, I've just started this community, and well, still need some time to get it started up.

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