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Acoustic Alchemy - American/English (2005)

Acoustic Alchemy - American/English
EMI (2005)

The British guitar duo celebrates two full decades of smooth jazz perfection with a collection that eliminates some of the production razzmatazz of recent efforts and gets back to the magical interplay of nylon- and steel-string guitars. Greg Carmichael can't be faulted for taking the sound in different directions when he tapped the Stax and soul-influenced Miles Gilderdale to take over for his late partner (and group founder), Nick Webb. And those busier ventures were definitely a blast. Yet it's good to get back to basics, where snappy melodies and unique rhythmic variations are front and center. The journey across the pond promised by the album title begins with the laid-back, easy-grooving "The Crossing," but then becomes more adventurous with the Craig David-flavored U.K. club vibe of "Say Yeah" and a more than subtle nod to the disco fun of "So Kylie" Minogue. The classic Carmichael-Webb days featured a handful of organic, simply arranged reggae-flavored cuts, and this vibe is brought to glorious life on "Trinity." Gilderdale's soul influences creep back on the swinging "The Detroit Shuffle," but again, it's all about the strings and groove. Longtime fans will also appreciate the sweetness of "Cherry Hill," while "She Speaks American English" explores a Steely Dan retro pop-soul energy. And it's heartwarming to see that Carmichael hasn't lost his sense of titular humor on jazzier tunes like "The 14 Carrot Cafe," named for a Seattle eatery. And the wild, rollicking closer, "The Moon and the Sun," ensures that while Acoustic Alchemy has scaled back the intensity somewhat, the duo is still as playful as ever. ~ Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide


01. Crossing
02. Say Yeah
03. So Kylie
04. Trinity
05. Detroit Shuffle
06. Cherry Hill
07. She Speaks American\English
08. Lilac Lane
09. 14 Carrot Café
10. Get Up (Levantar y Bailar)
11. Moon and the Sun

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