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Welcome to the premier livejournal community for trading lossless music files. A home for anyone interested in hearing some of their favorite bands, and sampling something new, with lossless audio files. The gist of it is, you upload a losslessly ripped cd, and share it with us. And then We share back with you.

The rules:
1- Anyone can join, but you don't have to.
2- To post comments, further requests, etc, you must join.
3- No badmouthing bands because you hate them to start flame wars, etc.
4- Keep requests within a post related to the post, e.g. request the same band(s) posted, or closely very closely related bands.
5- Most importantly, all music must be lossless, preferably FLAC. All music must be ripped direct from cd, or similar lossless source. Burned cds that were made from lossy files (mp3, etc) do not count, nor are files converted from lossy files acceptable. Entire albums should be ripped, with proper titles given.
6- This is not a discussion forum to debate over lossy and lossless files, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, and for all intents and purposes, we realise that and accept it.
7- Video files, for music videos and concerts, should be ripped in an .iso or similar format. I'm not entirely sure on this yet, and anyone who knows some lossless ways of encoding video, please feel free to inform me. ISOs can be played with programs like DVD X Player, or just burned onto cd/dvd. The .iso should contain the entire cd.
8- All files should be distributed on a permanent server, such as rapidshare.com, megaupload.com, or best of all on a non-subscription Bittorrent tracker. Be sure to seed for around a month

A little about lossless:
Wikipedia: Lossless
Wikipedia: Lossy
Wikipedia: FLAC
Hydrogen Audio: FLAC You should definately read this page if you can't play FLAC, scroll down for plugins for your media player of choice.

Please promote/join/have fun, there's no obligations and we promise not to bite.

Any questions/comments/suggestions, please tack them onto the last post or make a new one, I will address them as soon as I can. Happy trading and good day!